Thursday, October 7, 2010

Carlos Boozer Loses to Kid in HORSE

Man, the great content keeps coming from sponsors, teams, and media outlets as the NBA pre-season is getting revved up.  After months of "Big 3" breakdowns and Amare studying Judaism we now have some fun stuff to enjoy as evident in the many Nextians posts the past few days.

So I present to you Carlos Boozer losing a game of HORSE to a high school kid.  Of course they just shot a barrage of 3's which isn't exactly Boozer's specialty and once C-Los dunked the shooter got to tag in his taller dunking teammate.  Also, when Boozhound lost it meant that the school got some money from Gatorade.  So this isn't on the same level of some balding CEO beating Michael Jordan in one-on-one at a Jordan camp or a Brit in jeans and a v-neck sweater schooling Devin Harris on a drive to the hole.  This is all good fun.  Enjoy the last Boozer footage before he comes back from a broken hand in 2 months:

Thanks to Ball Don't Lie for the video.

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