Friday, October 22, 2010

Adidas Basketball: Slim Chin w/ Dwight Howard & Derrick Rose

Dr. Ken Jeong (yes, he's a real doctor and used to work at Kaiser) is expanding his comedy chops by being Slim Chin on Adidas Basketball's latest shoe campaign. I won't bore you with the video that lets you play a game as D-Rose and unlock some code but here is the main intro video from Adidas on who Slim Chin is and how he thinks Derrick Rose is cool because of his new shoes.

The "Fast Don't Lie" slowjam isn't that funny but the clips of Slim Chin and D-How are. I just don't get or like Dwight's comedy routine (and his "I'm totally Christian" routine of years past either). Oh well, I guess it's OK to not get someone and leave it at that without pointing out how terrible his post game is....ooops, that's already been done. Scratch that last thought.

Will you get these new Adidas? Personally, I'm still a huge corporate Nike flywire technology guy (who's currently rocking the Hypermax 360's) until Adidas man's up and makes a new Gil-Zero line.

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