Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vin Baker -- Another NBA Financial Casualty

Success came early for Vin Baker.  The 8th overall pick in 1993, Vin earned $80 Million in salary over 13 seasons.  He played on an Olympic Team, in four All-Star games, and then fought alcohol abuse while sitting on benches at the end of his career.  Everyone knew about his problems with alcohol while Vin was still apart of the Association as his expiring contract was used as a token to make trades work.  The Clips and T-Wolves tried to see if he could be revived as a basketball player at the end of his career to no avail.  He was released from Minnesota in November of 2006.

Vin opened up a seafood restaurant in his hometown of Old Saybrook, Connecticut which a bank is now forclosing on.  His 10,000 square foot house was also forclosed upon in 2008 and bought by a bank for $2.5 Million.
True Hoop explains this as yet another all too common situation of a retired NBA player blowing through all of his money.  But peep the Stan Smith Show for the full video of where Vin is at now and what he plans to do in the future.

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Anonymous said...

I have no pity for him. There a4re people who arwe literally struggling to meet ends meat and fools like that just squander their money on booze, drug, hookers, illegitimate childern, irresponsible behavior, etc.