Monday, October 4, 2010

Joakim Noah's New Contract

Clownboy Joakim Noah is offically all growns up!  A 5 year $60 million deal by the Bulls all but says to the world that Chicago management thinks more of Noah than they do Carmelo Anthony.  His defense is solid, his hussle is great to watch, and his crazy attitude is something that his teammates actually rally around.  For however disturbing it seems to us on the sidelines, Noah's schtick works in the NBA.  Congrats to his crazy self.

Plantar fasciitis hobbled Joakim during the end of last season but the Bulls seem fine with his progress.  They also seem fine with allowing Noah to continue to wear his French brand Le Coq basketball shoes.  I guess his dad must have been sponsored by Le Coq back in his tennis days?  These look like they take a good foot and give it plantar fasciitis.

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