Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love For Hakeem

It's kind of sad that lame post move attempts by Dwight Howard got me thinking more of Hakeem Olajuwon these days.  That video on this here blog last week of Hakeem trying to teach Dwight something (...anything!) regarding post moves is stuck in my mind as I've probably viewed it 8 times in it's entirety so far.  And I'm not watching it because I want to see Dwight Howard shoot with a bent right arm and try to make jokes.  It's all because I can't get over how incredible The Dream still is and was.

So peep this video of Hakeem talking about, no, laughing about how he schooled everyone with the Dream Shake:

Also enjoy the recent Free Darko post on Dream Week (an apparent week of writing dedicated to The Dream).  This post really got me thinking about the what-if's of the Jordan era and that is something very fun to least for me.

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