Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Warriors Fans Boo Lacob

This video of the Lacob Getting Boo'd Night from last year needs to be housed at the Nextians. Douche Chills when Rick Barry decides to scold the crowd. In my humble opinion this booing forced Bob Meyer's ascension as the public face of the front office. The crowd was pissed at Monta being traded for Bogut and for the the ownership being so pumped up to move to San Francisco. In case you didn't know, at least a third of all attendees of Warrior home games live in Oakland and probably about 60% live in the East Bay. The Warriors moving to SF makes it much harder, and more expensive, for these Warrior fans to make it to the game. It was around this time of the booing that Lacob and Crew decided to hide Bogut's micro-fracture surgery. They then forced him to play limited minutes early in this '12/'13 season to appease the fans/season ticket holders. We won't know for a while what these minutes did to Bogut's health.

The team is cruising right now at 16-8 off to their best start in about four decades. And I don't fault the moves that Lacob and Guber for putting together a culture and an office to get this start. And I thank them for not trying to get taxpayer money to fund their $500 million SF Stadium (man, these guys are rich). But Lacob needed to be put in place last March. NBA fans are smart. A lot smarter than users of autotrader.com and Invisalign are when him and his extremely smart and wealthy buddies of Kleiner Perkins.

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