Friday, December 14, 2012

Gregg Popovich Rap

In case you didn't know Israeli's love the NBA.  Hence a crew of 20-somethings get motivated enough to write, record and film a music video for this amazing hip hop song about Spur's head coach Gregg Popovich.

I've listened 17 times but still can't figure out what the old guy is saying during the chorus. My best guess is "he wants to win the game".  I also like the old guy's line near the end of the track the best. I'm pretty sure he spits:

"let Deron and LeBron and the rest of them play
Let them have some fun
Give them some slack
Cuz they know it going be long til the Popovich back"

OK, OK. He obviously meant to say "Because they know it ISN'T going to be long until the Popovich back". Back where you ask? The playoffs, you dummy. Or maybe the Finals. The Spurs did get stopped short of the Finals last year by a shifting of the Thunder defense to protect that paint after Game 2.  So I'm going with it isn't going to be long until THE Popovich gets back to the Finals.  Boom, there you go. Interpretation solved.

Thanks to Trey Kirby at TBJ

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