Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jarret Jack Throws Dorell Wright's Shoe Into Stands

The Dubs are playing great right now. After defeating Philly on 12/28 at The rOracle they now sit at 20-10. This is the first time they have 20 wins before the New Year since 1917. TRUTH.

Part of the reason for this great record to start the season has been the bench play from Carl Landry and Jarret Jack. Both of these guys get heavy minutes when it matters most and both have been starters before in The Association. There's a good argument that The Dubs have the best bench in the League and are currently right up there with the bench units of The Clippers, The Spurs and The Thunder (sitting starter Kendrick Perkins immediately makes The Thunder a better team, but I digress).

Jack and Landry are good because they are smart. So when Jarrett Jack notices that former Warrior Dorell Wright lost his shoe, he calmly picks up Dorell's shoe and tosses it into the stands.  Jack then gets the ball at the top of the key and nails a three pointer over the shoeless Dorell. Jarrett Jack then laughs for 30 seconds because he knows that what he did was smart and that it is not against the rules.

As a Warriors fan, you gotta love this stuff.

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