Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Orleans Pelicans

So the New Orleans Hornets may change their name to the Pelicans, ehe? Pelicans are pretty dang fierce:

So if New Orleans goes with the Pelicans then Michael Jordan will change the Charlotte Bobcats back to the Charlotte Hornets. The Utah Jazz will still be the Jazz and people in LA will continue to wonder where all the Lakes and Clipper Ships are.  Native Americans will protest the name "The Warriors" while somehow the NFL team in our nations' capital still gets away with being call "The Redskins". That's almost as bad as the "Columbus White Guys" which is the Cav's D-League team. Speaking of Washington the Wizards still must be the Wizards since "Washington Bullets" is just waaaay too offensive. Ever heard of the second amendment of the United States where we're allowed to own guys and shoot things and prevent tyranny? Bullets are awesome. But not as awesome as Magic who's Disney-asses took down the Warriors last night in laughable fashion all because David Lee sucks at defense and his team actually rebounds better when he's on the bench.

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