Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get Luke Babbitt the Ball!

From the sounds of things the 12/3 Blazers at Hornets Bobcats game was a fun watch. The Bobcats are no longer the Bobkittens with a 7-9 record even though they have lost 4 straight.  Their three point shooting big man Byron "BJ" Mullens is getting in on the act and is now fierce like a wild cat:

Charlotte built a pretty good lead in the 4th quarter with a 26-5 rampage putting them up 17 points with five minutes left in the game.  Then Luke Babbitt went on a rampage.  The Blazer's little-used bench came through as they overcame one of the biggest deficits in basketball history (fact check!) and put the game into overtime on the 3/3 three point shooting of Babbitt.  In overtime Portland Head Coach Terry Stotts begged his team to get Luke Babbitt the ball:

Yes, that is what you do to defeat the Bobcats. You get Luke Babbitt the fucking ball! Reading about this stuff makes me wish I had more time and funds for NBA League Pass.  Man, I would be so worthless if I was single and rich!

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