Friday, December 14, 2012

Melo's 1st Quarter vs. Lakers 12/13/12

The Lakers currently play terrible defense but Melo still dominated the first quarter with 22 points. The Knicks look awesome with their "if you don't shoot an open 3 you're getting benched" -slash- "let's whip the ball around the perimeter like crazy because J-Kidd told us to and we want to abolish all ideas of Melo being a ball stopper" -slash- "we make more threes than we turn the ball over" game plan.  The Lakers just flat out suck as a team at the moment. And that obviously makes any Warriors fan very, very happy.

NBA Pacific Division 12/14/12 UPDATE!

Clips     16-6
DUBS   15-7
Lakers   9-14
Suns      8-15
Kings    7-14

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