Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Douchey Laker Fans

I don't care who I'm stealing this from because it needs to be kept in this here blog for eternity. This is just more evidence that Laker fans can be complete douche bags.  Found in Barstool Chicago by Nextian Maaaaatt the post and comments are a must read. I mean, the kid with his new D-How t-shirt by Adidas sitting in daddy's seats ripping off his sunny g's is one thing but the guy over his left shoulder wearing an American Apparel purple tank with yellow trim is another. Holy good god almighty.

I mean, who the heck is this Kevin Nealon wannabe? This dude is sleazier than Larry Flint. He's totally a porn producer. And that Lakers necklace and Championship rings are all fake as shit.

Update: Laker Bros in reverse .gif is that much funnier. Enjoy!

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