Monday, November 5, 2012

Steph Curry Likes Boobs!

During the Saturday 11/3/12 gutsy Warriors win over the whiney/complainy Clips in LA, Steph Curry decided to sneak a peak at the lady in the courtside seats.  I mean, how could you not when her gazongas are literally jumping right out at you:

Don't get distracted Steph!
 Steph probably had his eye on this wonderful human being from the beginning and thought: "now's the time to take a look, she's gonna sit down!".  Unfortunately, Curry had the camera on him and he was caught red handed.

And this was the moment Steph and all the camera guys were waiting for
BOOM! There you go. Fortunately, Steph's red hand carried over from being caught sneaking peaks to draining J's (6-16), I mean free throws (9-10).


Unknown said...

Ha! I saw those boobs while watching the game too! Did you notice the guy Ms. Boobs was sitting with? Mr. Trey Parker of South Park/Book of Mormon fame! You can kind of see if face in the lower left corner of your second screen shot.

The Nextian said...

Oh snap! Great call Unknown.