Friday, November 2, 2012

NEXT Dumps 11/2/12

NEXT Dumps is a frequent OG Nextian posting about things that may pique interest. I read about the Association while watching many games and all game highlights, aggressively research Kanye West's influence on Music while listening to every episode of The Howard Stern Show and a bit of Adam Carolla. If you want a link for a specific topic that I was too lazy busy awesome to provide, please leave a comment and I'll get it posted.

Nextian Todd explores the OG Warriors in China by posing with the terracotta warriors
  •  I  just finished reading fellow Nextian Toddmy's blog about his trip to China with his wife. Now I want to go there and get free beer and fruit for speaking with Chinese students learning English.
  • A maddening game by Russell Westbrook last night. Ill timed and forced shots, boneheaded turnovers, and blew his defensive assignment on Tony Parker on the last possession leading to a walk off Parker jumper over Ibaka and a victorious victory by Los Spurs. Westbrook was 6-21 from the floor and Durantula shot 50%.  Maybe find that teammate of yours, Russ?  Anyway, I usually like to oppose anything that Reggie Miller comments on during a game he works (he was ripping into Russ somewhat mercilessly) but this game full of bad decisions was just obvious to all viewers. Harden 1, Thunder 0. Yes, there is a scorecard.
  • Durantula became the 2nd youngest dude to reach 10,000 points. #1 on the list was the guy who should have also been drafted ahead of him in all fantasy drafts: LeBron James.
  • You should do some googling on Eric Gordon and why he's not playing for the Hornets. This is a hilarious story. Actually, don't do that. This is motivating me to do a NEXTIANS SPECIAL article.
  • Speaking of NEXTIANS SPECIAL articles, I've written a few the most recent about Christian Laettner's career and the most popular about Blake Griffin's parents. In case you haven't noticed I try to just state facts without adding any opinion. These posts get a lot of hits and any comments on this blog are usually on these pieces. The comments always seem misinterpret the point of the "article" and think that I am either bashing or praising the subject.  I find this funny and an interesting case in human psychology in the sense that if you have a strong opinion about something, you are likely interpret a statement/article/etc. on that something to support your viewpoint. The ego's need to always be right? Me thinks so.
  • Here is your Youtube of the Day
  • Kevin Love is going to be out longer than imagined. Mid-December they say. Maybe Kevin and Ricky will return on the same day? That would be awesome. "No More Knuckle Pushups". I'm going to make a 'Scause wristband out of that to inform the people.
  • Andrew Bogut is expected to play on Friday against the Grizzlies and then rest on Saturday against the Clippers. And so continues the year of a "healthy" Andrew Bogut. We'll see how Monta Ellis does in his opener tonight (he shot terribly in the pre-season).
  • How much does everyone think that the Knew Look Knicks will lose by tonight in their season opener against the Heatles? I'm guessing 13.
  • I'd advise watching this Political Ad and all episodes of NITN

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