Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Under Armour Micro G Charge Shoes

This shoe goes up to your knee
 Damn this is a strange shoe, Under Armour!  For $139 it sounds like you're getting a steal on the square inches of material to dollar cost price point. Those lowtop Kobe's are a rip off using this metric.

I like how the Under Armour Micro G Charge's are called "ridiculously light" but at 16.4 oz's they are definitely on the heavy end of basketball shoes these days.

I like how it's shiny on the back. I'm attracted to shiny things.
You better be a frigging BALLER if you show up to the hardwood wearing these kicks. Like the best guy on the court type baller where onlookers say "that dude with those wacked out shoes is BALLIN". If you're really good they'll say "did dis dude just did dis?".

Regardless, I think that Nextian Toomie with his ever-sprained ankles needs to get a pair of the Micro G Charge's. And please click-through with this link so that an OG Nextian can make $0.87 on your purchase.

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