Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cam & Bilbo Weekly Chat: THE Rashard/Arenas/Richardson/Gortat/Carter/Pietrus/Hedo/$/Bench Player Trade

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Cam likes 40's and chicks who work out

Cam: So we’ve read the breakdown of these trades sending has been’s, salary, and a few still legit ballers to different squads. We don’t need to break down each trade or everyone’s motivation since most people who see this chat are already well informed. But is there anything out there that you still have questions about? I'm intrigued by Orlando, obviously, and how these guys will come together. Will Gil-Zero’s attitude change to where he can once again feel free to be himself? Can SVG corral Gil to become someone who plays defense and fits into the system? I think that J-Rich is going to be great and is twice the player that Pietrus is. Hedo is intriguing as well but is this guy even someone who can be trusted at this point after flopping the past 1.35 seasons when compared to how much he's making in salary?  Is it awesome that three former Warriors were included in this deal and that former Warriors rookies Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas finally are able to be on the same team again and play full court one-on-one against eachother after practice?

Bilbo: My biggest question is…what were The Suns thinking? Hedo needed to go, but why give up J-Rich? Who is going to spread the floor for Nash? Carter is injured and even at full strength he can’t replace Richardson’s skillz. I feel this is just another in a long series of mistakes the Suns front office (Sarver) has made over the last few seasons. I can’t see this current team succeeding this year. On the other hand, I think the big winner over the weekend was the Wizards. You get rid of Arenas and you open things up for John Wall by giving him a legit 3 pt shooter. If he ever gets healthy, I think Wall will make a 2nd half push for ROY. Yeah, write it down. F-you Blake Griffin!

Cam: It’s hard to argue that Phoenix’s primary motivation for this trade was nothing more than financial. So, yes, it was a mistake in the basketball skillz sense for The Suns but Sarver knew what he was doing by reducing his overall payroll. Sarver is a notorious cheap ass as we have seen many times before. Vince’s contract comes off the books at the end of this year, Hedo’s contract is gone, and it’s hard to make an argument that Phoenix is over the moon happy about receiving Marcin Gortat. I know Gortat was a big deal free agent in 2009 but that was just because Daryl Morey wanted him and all of the other GM’s therefore acted accordingly. I feel really bad for Steve Nash. Here we have a 2 time MVP who just signed an extension in summer 2010 instead of going to another organization because he trusted Phoenix management and he just got royally kicked in the nuts. I’m talking “swinging from the rafters from a harness cord with your legs splayed wide open met by a Chuck Norris roundhouse perfectly timed for when Nash swings to shoe level” kicked in the nuts. For someone who can impact a game as much as he still can and who has given so much to this franchise, this sucks for him. Even though there’s no way in hell that he would, I really think Nash should demand a trade. Be a dick, sit out with many bad backs, complain, get the heck out of the Sarver cheapo system. Oh, and I totally agree with you on John Wall. I hope he gets well soon (I sent him a Hallmark) so that this ROY race can really get going. This thought is totally swaying from subject and could be a whole chat in and of itself but would any team in The Association take Tyreke Evans overJohn Wall right now? I mean, wow. Sophomore’s are slumping indeed.

Bilbow-wow: I think Nash is reaching a point where he has to go to a contender. This is the same thing that Garnett went through with The Timberwoofs. He was almost too loyal and people were begging him to jump ship and land somewhere for a chance at a title. Things worked out for him and I think if Nash demanded a trade no one would think any less of him. The question is, where would he fit in (contracts/salary caps aside)? Would it be crazy for him to go to the Knicks? Or what about the Lakers where his defensive deficiencies could be absorbed by the other players? Miami? Houston? Atlanta?
So now that Kahn is earning back his credibility, is Sarver the worst Executive (as the Owner) in the league? Worse than Wallace (GM) giving away Gasol?

Cam: No, nobody is as bad as Wallace. That was just a joke in a box. Man, that hurts to even remember…thanks broseph. Nobody is talking about Nash leaving because it won’t happen. He’s just too good of a dude and too loyal to the organization that made him Two Time MVP Steve Nash. He is also super gullible if he believes in this dump salary & rebuild effort is worth it while he is nearly 37 years old (birthday = 2/7…also known as Steve Nash Day in Canada). The problem with Sarver is that he is doing what it takes to make a few bucks here and a few bucks there. He’s acting like a dreaded business man with this shiz which total destroys a fan’s confidence. Many popular and successful owners treat owning a team like they are the custodian of the organization and aren’t in it to make money as a first priority. You have to have tons of dough made elsewhere and use NBA ownership as a hobby with the end goal of Playoff Performance in order to be successful. Anyway, enough about Sarver. Let’s talk about Otis Smith (Orlando GM) and Ernie Grunfeld (Washington GM). Otis gave a terrible contract to Rashaaaard “Sweet Lew” Lewis and Ernie gave the key to the Wizard coffers to Gilbert “Agent Zero/Shoe Pooper” Arenas. These guys got to simply swap terrible contracts and, in essence, rid their scrolls of their biggest mistakes. “This week on Mistake Swappers!” So who is the biggest winner in all of this? Gilbert? He gets to go back home to his childhood team, wear #1 in tribute to his favorite player of all time Anfernee Penny Hardaway, and not be the franchise player while still making franchise player coin. Lucky.


Toddmy said...

As a J-Rich owner, at first I was kinda freaked about this trade since he'd be leaving the friendly confines of Steve Nash assists...but on the flip side I think the risk of Nash being injured was high enough that this new start in Orlando may turn out to be a good thing. If he can be Rashard circa two years ago, giddyup.

Bilbo Baggins said...

That was my real hair back in 2005.