Monday, December 27, 2010

NBA Intro Videos: Pacific Division

NBA Player Intro videos are pretty entertaining these days. Even though things have become pretty streamlined needing approval by Czar Stern before fan consumption, it is still cool to see what the multimedia departments of each team put together.

Golden State Warriors:
Theme - a new hope with new players

Sacramento Kings:
Theme - we're different, we're from Sacramento, we have young guys

Phoenix Suns:
Theme - let's follow Steve and his super-focused look at the 0:48 mark. Scary.

Los Angeles Clippers:
Theme - there is none because I couldn't find a Clippers video that wasn't a shaky handheld videocameraphone shot by a fan. So enjoy Blake Griffin dunking a lot instead.

Los Angeles Lakers:
Theme - 4D bitches! We're the champs so eat it. Plus, we know there are only 7 fans who will see this because the 405 sucks and they won't be at the game until half way through the 2nd quarter anyway.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Losing teams should not have a cool intro in my book. It's false advertising. getting people hyped up to see their team play like crap and get blown out.