Friday, December 17, 2010

THE Annual Nextians 2010 Trade Summit

THE Nextians 2010 Trade Summit was a great time out (GTO) yet again this year.  With 8 of 12 Nextians finding time to take a weekend off from their manly man duties and summitize, the house was packed and the good times were on.

7 Nextians made their way up to the Truckee region area known as Donner Lake to stay at THE Pad on Friday night.  With 2.5 levels, 3 bedrooms, 2 futons, and floorspace for air mattresses, most Nextians felt right at home.  In fact, for Nextian Toomie the single bed was a generous upgrade over his current living conditions.  Friday night activities included pizza, beer and the Heat at Warriors game.  Luckily we DVR'd the game and got our drinking games underway.

Game 1 was a 7 manager two round draft of 14 players in the Heat/Warriors game.  With Dwyane Wade falling to the OG Nextian (that's me) at #4, my squad of Flash and Mario Chalmers was off to the races.  With everyone keeping their own scores when their guys did something, two categories were tracked in each segment with one of them always being points.  Every six minutes of real time involved a switching of the secondary category being scored which looked something like:

*1st 6 minute segment: Points & Rebounds (rebounds = 2 multiplier)
*2nd 6 mintue segment: Points & Assists (assists = 2 multiplier)
*3rd 6 minute segment: Points & Steals (steals = 3 multiplier)
*4th 6 minute segement: Points & Blocks (blocks = 3 multiplier)

When all was said and done, Wade led my squad to victory with 34 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and a steal.  Drinks were handed out for each scored point and the 1-7 order of finish was tracked.

Game 2 of Friday Night Fun was pin the tale on the Bilbo THE Nextians NBA quiz.  With 38 laugh inducing questions, some with multiple answers, many participants had a tough time coming up with answers to questions such as "what did Gilbert Arenas do to Andray Blatche's shoe last year" and "which former Athen's, Greece born player is now a hot DJ spinning at clubs in cities such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Ibiza".  Nextian Toddmy won that round with Hundox Beefcake coming in last place only getting 5 correct answers (I told you his league victory 2 years ago was a fluke!)

Game 3 was an incredible mini-hoop shooting challenge from free throw (where many players shot one-hand underhanded for added touch), mid range (where only Bilbo tried to shoot underhanded) and long range atop the fireplace (where there were only 3 total buckets made....none of them shot underhand).  Once again, yours truly OG Nextian won the game with his amazing Hoops King-learned abilities thereby proving to be the perfect combination of smarts and skills.

The average finish through all 3 games gave each of the 7 Nextians their t-shirt draft order.  OG Nextian (me) picked first and grabbed the old school Denver Nuggets logo'd T.  Toomie finished second and took the felt print "Rambis" shirt in Laker colors.  Everyone else picked after us so don't even ask me to remember the order because I was about 7 bud lights in at that point.

Saturday got off to an early start with 5 of the 7 Nextians in attendance at that particular time rushing off in hand me down snow gear to make their 8:00 am snow mobile excursion.  The snowboys had a great time wearing enormous helmets, jamming up to 50 mph in an open field, and enjoying the fresh alpine air which is clinically proven to rid hangovers. 

Matt did an amazing helmet headspin on the snow after this photo was snapped

Myself and Hundox took off to ride slushy snow at Squaw Valley on our shred sticks for a few hours while enjoying dollar beers.

At 2:00 pm we met up at Crystal Bay Club (CBC!) to re-start the shenanigans.  With NBA gear in tow, we began to scout the afternoon college basketball games and play video poker.  After some deep conversation, we all decided to bet on BYU defeating Arizona by more than 3.5 points at home.  Thankfully, they won by 20.

Nextian Toomie....
Toomie is a HUGE Curt Rambis fan

......then got a straight flush at video poker played with a 25 cent hand......

If only he had played 2 quarters instead of one.

......and turned his winnings into orders of hot wings, nachos and Pabst.  Thanks to Toomie for sharing the wealth!  The Nextian Crew was very happy.

Why isn't Hundox wearing an NBA shirt? He then lost all of his bets. Don't mess with the hoops gods

Most of the crew took over a few blackjack tables trying their best to avoid the CBC's version of The Closer.  This hobbit-like female(?) dealer was overweight, had a cold, mute, and wore a Santa hat.  It was hilarious to see 3 or 4 Nextians get up and leave the table right when they shifted to her time and time again.  Toddmy won some $300 or so, BK was up a ton until he got buzzed on his Coronas and only made out with $150, and others were up a few bucks.  The end of our CBC time involved us cheering like mad for Kansas to beat Colorado State by more than 21 points.  The Nextians were raucous as The Jayhawks kept building on their 7 point halftime lead.  With 20 seconds left they had a 21 point lead.  But shot after shot on the final possession missed and all game bettors pushed this final and most entertaining bet.

Our car ride home involved making BK use his winnings to purchase 8 Four Loko drinks from 7-Eleven.  The cashier told us that they just pulled the amazing beverage from their shelves so we had to settle for the lesser potent (in both energy and alcohol content) Tilt.  Well, Tilt sucks.  Don't buy Tilt.  In the other car, Bilbo came up with a sweet song about tagging his dick on Facebook.  Yes, this led to many jokes about "tagging my dick on Facebook so that your mom can see it", and, "my dick poked you on Facebook".  Good times.

That night back at THE Pad was the actual THE Trade Summit at 8:00 pm.  Barthy made it up (finally) and added to The Nextitude of the event.

Matt and Barthy discussing some terrible trade ideas while on Tilt

Last year there was one measly trade that went down between Barthy and Toddmy.  But this year, possibly aided by the alcohol/energy combo of Tilt, there was an amazing 5 trades that occured.  After looking at all of the trades later on, everyone actually did a pretty good job.  I won't bore you with trade analysis but let's just say that Lebron was traded for Dirk.

Champagne toasts celebrated the trades and the 4 Nextians not in attendance were peppered with calls and texts all night.  I'm sure they loved that bugging on a Saturday night.

One guy is happy to get Dirk for LeBron, the other is already second guessing

After THE Summit was actually completed the BGH experience was on.  This is where we cram as many straight dudes (I think) into a hot tub and then proceed to spill beer in the hot tub and break it.  Nice work to all involved.

After a rap battle with Toomie and few hours of poker, the 8 Nextians in brought the festivities to an end.  Since the events on Sunday were nothing more than cleaning THE Pad and watching the morning game of football before driving back to the Sacramento and Bay Area regions, this is where this blogpost will stop.  Bottom line, the 2010 Annual THE Nextians Trade Summit was a success in more ways than one.  And, yes, I'm talking about more than the BG hot tub.


Hyland said...

This Summit was so GD Next it makes me God Damn (GD) sick. All aspects were a success. To many more Summits the in the futures.

Toddmy said...

Agreed - somehow despite not having the chance to visit the cushy realm of the Reno Peppermill Lounge, this year's summit was even more bomb than last year. Maybe because Marklar did not come with us? (let's see if he reads the blog).

Also, great summarizing of the summitizing Cam - perhaps by next year I'll post the video highlights to youtube.

Brian said...

Great recap Cam!

I'm really glad that we were able to find the Tilt and Pit Bull drinks.

Bilbo Baggins said...

"Summarizing of the Summitizing" is the coolest thing since "The Summa Treasura"