Monday, December 20, 2010

Nextian's Offical Theme Music; Girl Talk

Two years ago hated and loved DJ mixologist Girl Talk dropped "Feed The Animals" which was widely touted as THE Nextians theme music of the year.  Last year there was no Girl Talk album so we had to listen to classic music from the 70's and 80's while then turning to Sirius XM channel 43 Hip Hop Nation to get the latest jamz.  But now it is 2010/2011 and we have a new Girl Talk album titled "All Day".  At 70 minutes long, this thing is legit all the way through.  I can only imagine the work that Gregg Gillis puts into these efforts and hope that he is making enough coin somehow to keep the receipe flowing for many more efforts like these last two.

DOWNLOAD ALL DAY FOR FREE HERE (don't worry, this is his real site and it isn't some mixtape virus bs, folks.  OG Nextian wouldn't steer you to something harmful)


Toddmy said...
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Toddmy said...

Thanks for being on top of the latest ADD-mix tape C-Note. I thoroughly enjoyed the last one, so much so that I dropped the dude $10 for his efforts. No donation link on the site for this album - maybe its not as good?

But don't we all know that the official Nextian theme song of 2010-2011 is 'I Keep Forgettin' to Regulate' by Michael McDonald/Warren G?