Monday, September 20, 2010

Monta & Steph: Best Friends!

You know the whole "best friend" meme in commercials these days? How one type of animal or person who couldn't possibly get along with another type of animal or person suddenly become hilarious pals because of the product that's being advertised? Well I'm writing here to predict that what we will see NEXT in Golden State Warrior Country is a successful union of Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. Who woulda thunk it.

After the media day fiasco of last year's preseason where Monta said that him and Steph could never play on the floor together (which was prompted, I might add, by Stephen Jackson's ire toward the organization on a impressionable Monta) it sounds like Mr. Ellis has grown the fcuk up a bit. As a Dubs fan, I say with a big guttoral sigh "fiiinallly" even though it's probably not smart to believe it until I see it.
"A month before the season was over with, I really had to sit back and blame myself in a sense because I'm that leader; I'm that one who everybody feeds off of," Ellis said. "Everything that went on last year (regarding Curry) shouldn't have gone on. I blame myself."
Fact: Monta has come to the Bay Area earlier in the offseason than any year prior
Fact: Monta is married to a hottie but I will neither confirm or deny the pics I've seen online
Fact: Monta has a 15 month old son
Fact: Monta no longer has moped infatuation
Enjoy this article about the situation (no, not The Situation for Jersey shore you douches)


Anonymous said...

doubt it. Monta ain`t grown up. He makes Stephon Marbury look like a model citizen

The Nextian said...

The only sign of his grown-upedness has been this article. But who knows how it will go down once things get underway. As a Dubs fan I'm crossing my fingers.

Marbury is just plain crazy. Monta is immature. I don't see the comparison.