Monday, September 27, 2010

Get 2 Know Your New Warriors: Charlie Bell

Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber outwit Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to purchase the Golden State Warriors for $450 Million in June so that the Evil Chris Cohan could pay some back taxes.  This summer saw an amazing transition of focus with only 6 of last year's 15 players being brought back (Ellis, Curry, Biedrins, Williams, Radmanovic, Wright).  So that's 8 new Warriors to get used to (with room for 1 more on the roster).  It's a new era in Dubs Land and we're not just talking about the fresh new uniforms or the new batch of Warrior Girls.

Veteran NBA Shooting Guard Charlie Bell is one of the 8 new Warriors additions this season. Bell grew up in Flint Michigan, went to 3 Final Fours at Michigan State, and has made a boat load of cash in the NBA. He's currently playing out $18.5 million dollar 5 year contract.

Charlie took some time last summer to connect with Milwaukee Bucks fans in a short video series called "Hey Charlie, Do My Job!" After spending a half hour looking at all 5 entries, the Wendys episode is the best of the lot:

Aside from how well Charlie does as a Wendys employee, I noticed a few interesting things in the video. His first pick up window customer has a handicap placard in her car which is hilarious. He also said that he "slaved" away putting together another order. I not sure how PC that comment is in the black community but I'm probably just being hyper sensitive about a stupid figure of speech (that I'm too scared to use as a white (guilt) kid)

Charlie's personal website says that he is coming to "San Fran".  I'm not too sure how the Oakland folks will take to that comment (he knows he is playing basketball in Oakland, right?) but something tells me not too many people are reading Bell's website.  It'll take a few months but as Charlie becomes acquainted to the area he'll notice the "subtle" differences between Oakland and San Francisco.  Also, it's lame to call SF "San Fran".

Stay tuned for more "New Warrior" introductions!

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