Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warriors Play-by-Play "Flunkster-Dude": Bob Fitzgerald

It's the off season and t-minus 2 weeks until training camp begins so let's bring some in-depth chatter to The Nextians, why don't we.  It's time to get pumped.

Bob Fitzgerald is the Play-by-Play commentator on Warriors telecasts.  He also works for the main Bay Area sports radio station 680 AM KNBR.

Ardent Warrior fans dislike Fitz because he is a total Warriors shill.  Read this recent Warriors World post, no, report on how much of a homer Bobby is and why one should never listen to his noon to 3 afternoon show with Rod Brooks.

Please also take a look at "Flunkster Dude"-gate by professional Warriors idea man Tim Kawakami when Fitz was posting seemingly drunken comments all over Warriors fan blogs last summer bashing any Warrior dissenters (as well as his Alma Mater Notre Dame).  What a bag.

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