Friday, September 10, 2010

Coach K Must Have Jetlag

Our current Team USA competing in the World Championships is flawed. From Lamar Odom playing Center to Eric Gordon being used as a our only shooter to Kevin Love getting limited minutes. Our squad is on the verge of being in shambles. Thank Jeebus for The Durantula just being himself and not letting us lose.

The comeback win vs. Russia yesterday was, as someone with a Russian accent would say "Ver Nice!" But now we have Lithuania. And Lithuania with their tie-dyed Grateful Dead shirts just dismantled a very strong Argentina squad who many picked to advance to the finals now that Spain was ousted. The spirit of Sarunas Marciulionis is strong with this team.

Coach Krzyzewski hasn't managed the personnel use of Team USA well at all. Why not use Steph Curry as a shooter? Why not play K-Love the beast more minutes to use his natural nose for rebounds against those Euro 7-footers? Why is Iguodala playing the 4? All of this has me so worried that I'm thinking about cancelling my flight to Istanbul for the finals (where tickets are still very inexpensive and available...who wants to go with me!)

The bottom line is that Coach K is a douche and Team USA is winning in spite of Coach K's decisions on who to play. Thankfully, Team USA's talent is so great that they can get away with a ton of mistakes.

The only thing that Coach K seems to be doing is trying to stir up controversy with Russia. The crazy 1972 Olympic gold medal game in Munich when the USSR mysteriously got the extra 3 seconds chapped his ass enough to talk smack about Russia's current coach David Blatt. And thankfully Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has something to say about that.

If you need a refresher course on the 1972 USSR defeat over Team USA, peep the youtubes below. It's not all in Russian so don't worry:

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