Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Lakers Celebrate in Strange Fashion

Ron Artest was drunk and apparently drank extra for Phil Jackson (XI) who couldn't be there because he was getting his prostate checked....

"Before I came here, I had Miller Lite, I had a little sip of Hennessey -- I wasn't playing -- so I enjoyed it for him. Phil, you rest, and I enjoyed it for you."

Ron, that's a sweet hat! Apparently, his daughter Diamond made it for him. "Why are you staring at me, daughter!"

Those pants are hip hoppin Ron-Ron! But why isn't Adam Morrison on Jimmy Kimmel Live with the rest of the Lakers? I mean, c'mon now. DJ Mmmmmbenga (who has his own publicist) and Josh Powell were there? Why not Mr. Moustachio!?

More by Ron-Ron:

"I'm going to really enjoy myself, and hopefully this doesn't come across as arrogant or cocky, but I'm going to en-joy my-self," Artest said. "How am I going to enjoy myself? Go to the club, every day."

Ron, thank your Psychiatrist, you're a Champion:

What a great Laker parade celebration indeed. If only they still had this guy on their squad:

Thanks to BDL, yet again.

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