Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who The Warriors Will Draft: Epke Udoh

Once the Kings draft DeMarcus Cousins at #5, most people think that the Warriors will draft Greg Monroe of Georgetown. Well, the only thing that Greg Monroe can do is pass. But Epke Udoh can do much more. He blocks the hell out of shots, has a crazy motor, and isn't scared of anything. Let's learn more about the Baylor General Studies major Ekpedeme Friday Udoh:

I first met Udoh in the Elite 8 when he played like a man possessed against Duke. As you can see in the highlights of this game, this kid is one atheletic PF with solid hoops IQ:

If you're sold on Epke like I am, you can watch this full Duke v Baylor game HERE. (BTW: shouldn't LaceDarius Dunn be in The Association?)

OK, so Baylor lost to Duke (obviously) even though Epke had a great game. But to see Baylor totally dismantle Moraga's own Saint Marys in the Sweet 16, enjoy it HERE.

"But is Udoh a big idiot? Does he even know how to speak Engrish? Get to know Udoh at his pre-draft interview from Draft Express:

I'm going to feel really stupid if the Dubs don't get Cousins or Epke Udoh tonight. This post can easily be deleted and re-formatted with fake praise for Cole Alrdich in a matter of minutes.

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