Friday, June 4, 2010

6/4/10 Kobe vs. LeBron Debate: Kobe's Winning

During the regular season the momentum in this debate definitely swung towards King James. He had a much better season that Kobe numbers wise enjoying his second straight MVP trophy. LeBron had everyone right where he wanted them.

Then the playoffs started. Kobe slept in a rejuvenation machine, got his knee drained, put on the badger look more often, and just got to frigging work. LeBron worried about his image, got all corporate, and lost to The Celtics in the 2nd Round of The Playoffs.

But wait, there's more! A logical person would think that LeBrondamanium would take a back seat to another classic NBA Finals matchup between The Lakeshow and The Celtics. This unfortunately is not the case. LeBron taped an interview with Larry Frigging King on Tuesday (airing tonight) about his free agency and now there's word that he's planning a Free Agency Tour complete with new Nike kicks fashioned for every one of his stops. Huh?

LeBron is doing his best to upstage the NBA Finals as a few must reads point out here and here.

The Tour continued last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live with LeBron paying pop-a-shot against some busboy while wearing tight jeans, sunglasses and a tight cardigan:

What did Kobe do at this time? I dunno, prepare for the finals? Give us a glimpse into his NBA studies and obvious knowledge?

LeBron? Seriously. Get over yourself. Pick a team without making a show out of it and move forward. For the good of your legacy, your pocketbook, and NBA fans everywhere please just shut the hell up with your circus and start making it to a few more NBA Finals.

At this point in time, Kobe is Winning. And until Kobe stops winning championships and LeBron wins multiple, I will take Kobe's side in the debate as an official OG Nextian platform.

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