Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tony Allen's Shot

Celtics fans cringe when Tony Allen takes a jump shot. Not quite as much as Laker fans gasp when Ron Artest hoists from three, but pretty close. The funny thing is that both of these guys are solid defenders. In the 2010 NBA Championship, Tony guards Kobe really well and Artest does a good job limiting Paul Pierce (until Game 5). But I digress. Let's look at Tony Allen's shooting.

In 2010 Tony Allen shot 51% from the field. Not too bad! But lets look at this a little deeper, shall we?

For shots taken at the rim, Tony shot 65.8%. But it gets worse. Tony shot 28.6% from under 10 feet, 33% from 10-15 feet, and 25% from 16-23 feet.

(Thanks to Doc Funk for the picture with caption. He does the captions all the time and is much better at it than The Nextian's past attempts)

But at least Doc Rivers has Tony reined in. For 2010 Tony took 158 attempts at the rim, 35 under 10 feet, 15 shots from 10-15 feet, and 40 jacks from 16-23 feet. The above picture shows us why he shoots just over one "not at the rim" shot a game.

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