Friday, August 30, 2013

Scottie Pippin Fights Fan

Add it to the Trophy Case

"LOS ANGELES -- Scottie Pippen won't face criminal charges for a fight with a man who authorities say was drunk when he demanded an autograph and photo with the former Chicago Bulls star, then faked seizures after claiming Pippen punched him in the face."

Oh, the tough life of highly successful former NBA'ers. When you get bothered by drunk assholes while eating your dinner at a restaurant even simply punching them in the face leads to incredible drama. Front page of ESPN Chicago, people faking like they're hurt just to get some coin. Sometimes you wish that you were a normal civilian just so you can not be hassled by drunk assholes, or, if you happen to be hassled by a drunk asshole you can punch them in the face without it being front page news.........of ESPN Chicago.

Actually, check that. Civilians punching other drunk asshole civilians in the face usually leads to getting arrested.  Unless you flee the scene, take a cab to another part of town, grab a slice of pizza right quick, eat it while walking home, and spend the rest of your strange evening with an iced right hand watching Falling Skies OnDemand.  So much for meeting your bros at the club.

I guess Scottie Pippen can't exactly flee a scene after decking a dude. But he can get out of charges because he's famous and awesome.

But if there's one retired NBA'er to prey on, it isn't Scottie Pippen. He got screwed with his contract with the Bulls, he's been swindled out of many millions, and he's recently claimed he was broke.  Please don't ask me to find links to these facts. This is just a simple blog post and I am not (currently) being paid to write this. But if I was, I'd totally find the best articles to back up my points. And then you'd have a few articles to print out and read while on the shitter.  Or just click on because you might be reading this on your iPad.........while on the shitter.

I feel bad for Scottie Pippen. Jordan should have him as an executive with the Bobcats. It's the least his cigar smoking gambling addicted G.O.A.T. ass can do for his beloved side kick.  How many times do you think Jordan and Pippen even call each other anymore?  Twice a year?  Maybe just a few quick texts on birthdays?

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