Monday, August 26, 2013

Laker Fans Reactions

Laker Fans love to react to Laker Newz

Laker fans love their rings, their Kobe, and posting crazy online comments. Success has made some of them unrealistic pricks, but who can fault them. If the Warriors won a championship in my lifetime I'd act batshit crazy too. So let's comment on their comments.

The "Dwight Signed Somewhere Else" Edition

"Dwight made his choose and that's ok. Yes he made the wrong choose, but wat is done is done and it can't b change now. Lakers will show Dwight wat he could have had if he had stay. So all I have to say is Go Lakers!!!"

Ralph Wiggam has a lot to say about choo choo choosing. Aside from the typical LakerLuver grammar, this sounds a lot like Cleveland Cavelier's Owner Dan Gilbert's comic-sans fueled letter after "The Decision". I'm so sorry, LakerPoster, but the Rockets are going to be 20 games better than the Lakers this year.  Jodi Meeks.  Swaggy P.The Powerful Chris Kaman. Robert Sacre. Jordan Farmar 2.0. It's safer for LakerLuvers to focus on the rings and Kobe.

"Neither Melo nor LeBron will be Lakers. I don't think the fans would want them in LA and I'm pretty sure Kobe won't be okay with that either. We need to sign good role players instead of stacking the team with superstars. How about try to fill up the bench with good young defensive minded players?"

Yeah, because surrounding a 35 year old Kobe with 300,000 miles on him with role players should lead to about 4-12 more Western Conference Championships, right?  Oh, and Kobe will recover from a ruptured Achilles to play 40 minutes on October 29th vs. The Clippers and probably put up like 36/8/7. Kobe is an alien and will just go to Germany and will win at least 2 more rings.  Just gotta get CupCheck and Buss, The Jimmy Edition to find some "good young defensive minded players". Sounds easy enough.  Find them CupCheck. And hurry up already.

both buss's should step down and let jerry west do some adjusting as for he would have identical ways as there father mr buss did.
Go ahead and take a minute. Re-read those 25 words again.  Done? Got it? Good. One magical trait of LakerLuvers is their ability to say so much with so few keystrokes.  Twitter was made for these fans.
Step 1: two of the three Buss children should step away from the organization. I'm assuming LakerCommenter means hot Jeanie and uncomfortable patriarch Jimmy?  What about Joey and the Defenders? Is his role safe?
Step2: Jerry West appears out of thin air.  He leaves his consultant role with the Warriors and takes over as what I'm guessing is President of the Lakers. Firing CupCheck wasn't apart of the 25 word diatribe.  Plus, West has already done the Laker GM thing before with great success.  And come to think of it Jerry West does have "identical ways" to the late Jerry Buss.  They're like brothers from a different mother.

Tangent: Robin Thicke's next hit should be named "Identical Ways".  Put it in the red book!

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