Friday, August 30, 2013

Laker Fan Reactions III

Laker Blog Commenters
Laker fans love their rings, their Kobe, and posting crazy online comments. Success has made some of them unrealistic pricks, but who can fault them. If the Warriors won a championship in my lifetime I'd act batshit crazy too. So let's comment on their comments.

If you as a LakerBlog author ever want the LakerLuvers to comment, you write an article like this.  What? We're not winning rings and someone is better than us?  Puh-lease.  "H8TURZ! Kobe is the GOAT! You're jealous!

Matt you funny u must be dreaming talking about the lakers run is over.u better stp smokking that shit.because kobe will get another ring n the lakers going to smash on the clippers bitch ass on openlying night

This was obviously a mobile phone comment.  Look at the lack of upper case on the "lakers".  Limited capitalization. No spacing after the completion of a sentence.  Amazing spelling mistakes that LakerLuver is too lazy to fix.  And this links to your Facebook account and others see it with your picture and everything about your life!  Way to put your best foot forward, LakerLuver.

The lakers going to smash on the clipppers on opening night.And matt the lakers run is never over the lakers are the better a lakers fan for life.

Somehow this guy is listed as a "Top Commenter" on his Facebook Profile plug-in. I want to know what the standards are for "Top Commenter" status.  This is some weak smack talk, I agree. Spelling mistakes and lower case all the way around yet again.

he can say what he want to but when the clippers dump him his run gone be over he a wack lightskinned cat anyway.

Like many LakerPosts, I had to re-read this one a few times.  I was really stuck on the "gone" word but after 17 seconds I realized that gone = going to.  Sorry, I'm slow. I'm a Warriors fan.  But what really sticks out is the comment on Barnes' skin color.  Since he's light skinned it sounds like some have problems with him.  I think it would have been more effective to comment on his Birdman Jr. tattoos instead.

Hahaha!  Great.  Simple, sweet, typical LakerLuver comment. The piece of smack talk that is never wrong or old.  Especially since Barnes was a Laker for two seasons. This piece of trash talk might actually sting Barnes...if he ever read it.

BOO Fat Barnes!
What?  I don't get it. He's not fat. So why am I laughing so hard?  Maybe there's a LakerLuver joke about Matt Barnes that I don't get.

This post actually had some insightful Laker Fans on it with excellent discussion.  But, of course, the LakerDouches pop up their heads and claims some straight bullshit.

If Nash is allowed to really run the offense he can average roughly 15 and 10. Kobe should let Nash help him average a very efficient 30 ppg average. OK maybe 28.

Roughly 15 and 10, but probably more like 15.56 and 10.31459, right?  And if Nash is doubling the amount of shots per game that he is shooting are you sure that Steve's 30 28 points per game will still be efficient?  Basketball doesn't work like that, commenter.  But what really takes this to LakerDouche status is the phrase "Kobe should let Nash help him..."  You're right, Kobe is a god and he dictates all things in the NBA.  Kobe should let Nash help him by scoring a measly 28 points.  If Nash scored 28 points a game last year, he would have been 3rd in the league in scoring.  But we're not sure if Kobe will do this next season.  You're saying it would be best if Kobe did, but you don't challenge Kobe to make this adjustment at all.  You approach it a very lightfooted way in the eternal presence of Vino24 and simply present him a suggestion.  Then you bow to his highness and scamper away like the uneducated LakerLuver you are.

His ass playing soccer and shit he better be ready for the season! I got faith in him though.

Nash does a publicity stunt by "trying out" with Inter-Milan and this is the first that this LakerLuver has ever heard of Steve Nash playing soccer.  I can't quite get what commenter was getting at, though. Does he think that playing soccer is a good off season activity for Nash? Or does he actually think that Nash should only be on the hardwood every day at 4:30 am like Vino24 getting ready for the upcoming season?  At least he has faith in Steve Nash. Gotta have faith.

oh, and one more thing -- i think nash should grow his hair out again. seems like he plays better with long hair. this may be a pointless comment, but hey.. i've had a beer or six.

An excellent observation made by LakerFan beer drinker. Long haired Steve is way better than Hollywood Stevie Nash.  That Great Gatsby haircut last year was terrible.

We are so spoiled by Kobe for years and we are forgetting that the standard he has given us is way up there for another superstar to meet. He just elevate the competition not just the Lakers but the entire NBA on how GREATNESS should be viewed and idolized. They only come once in every 15-20yrs and there is no denying when will be the next.. While only very few have done it, the others can only dream.

Greatness does indeed need to not only be viewed, but also idolized. LakerDouche makes a point of saying that greatness in some sort only comes around every 15-20 years (in the NBA, I'm guessing. Jordan --> Kobe is what he's referring to) but that there is no "denying when will be the next".  Not "denying", LakerDouche, is the wrong word.  "Saying" is what you were going for.  This comment is full of history, bravado and proclamations.  But it is pure LakerDouche that LeBron wasn't mentioned.  Oh, point to the rings, right. Kobe got those all by himself. I forgot.  My bad. I'm a jealous H8TUR.

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