Monday, August 26, 2013

Laker Fan Reactions II

The truth is that Kobe wakes up at 4:30 am to practice. But LakerDouche never mentions this in their comments.
Laker fans love their rings, their Kobe, and posting crazy online comments. Success has made some of them unrealistic pricks, but who can fault them. If the Warriors won a championship in my lifetime I'd act batshit crazy too. So let's comment on their comments.

Yeah who thought the old slow spurs would go anywhere. The thing is though that if u ask the REAL players and coaches, not these "analysts", I guarantee they would tell u that a Nash gasol Bryant core is playoff material.

Yeah, don't ask the "analysts" who's job it is to study the NBA and all things roundball. Like you not listening to your mom because you somehow know better than her. Keep playing Bioshock in your room and don't worry about your home work.  I'll let you know when the 2013-2014 GM Survey comes out in October and we'll see where the REAL players and coaches and....general managers put the Lake Show.

All them HATERS said, we wouldn't make the playoff last season and not only did we make them we were seated in the 7th spot. So all that hate, is something we are all use too, cause it will just fuel "The Black Mamba".

This comment makes no sense to me. People were predicting amazing things for the Lakers last year! What are you talking about? The "HATERS" all-caps type screamo reveals the true LakerDouche: you don't educate yourself in basketball reality and only read 200 word posts about the Lakers and come to LakerBlogs to spit your nonsense amongst your friends.

fuck espn go talk about tebow some more... with their fake ass "sports" commentators that are too proud to admit they are wrong about anything haha that's why I only watch PTI and mike & mike.

Honestly, great points made. Fuck Tebow.  Even though revealing the fact that you absorb a half hour of a good show and up to 4 hours of simulcast Mike & Mike points to possible joblessness I agree with the point of "tracking" the analyst predictions. So much so that about 8 years ago I once put in work a lot of work with a friend writing down the NBA predictions that Talking Heads made pre-season just so we could see how accurate they were. Of course, it never happened because actual responsibilities got in the way of internet fun. But dude, hold their prediction making hedgehog-esq "I know everything!" attitudes to the fire. Call them out in May, you crazy genius!

Espn and their truehoop network of haters , is losing more readers every day thanks to crap reporting

TrueHoop is great. Basketball analytics and basketball nerds are THE BEST. They even get to become VP of Basketball Operations for the Memphis Grizzles sometimes. Please present your numbers of dwindling readership. Do you work for a consulting company and have access to this information? Please become my ESPN insider and share. I'd love to blog about it.

People who haven't won anything like Charles Berkeley and others. Lakers r going to show everyone who doubt n them. Just because they maybe an older team then other out there, doesn't mean they r to old. It just mean they have to going out there and play smart and play together. Charles need to stop tlking so much, because he couldn't Win a Championship. So ur peace!!! Kobe has 5 Championship and Barkley has none ...

Ahhh, the joy of autocorrect on your iphone and not checking your own work. Charles "Berkeley". Hilarious.  Now, LakerLuver, please spell "UC Berkeley". Ten bucks you get it wrong.  On top of the typical LakerDouche misspelling/grammar fest (but with a correctly spelled Barkley at the end!), you use the "Kobe's 5 rings" argument which is unbeatable.  These are the entertaining LakerLuvers.  I'm just surprised that this comment didn't include a "HATERS".

Put it like this basically pau & kobes 2man game for the most part was the biggest reason why we got back to backs champions now you add nash into the mix we"ll be turning heads in a good way

Thanks for setting up your comment and writing in a conversational tone, LakerDouche. This is the same exact thing you posted 12 months ago but with "dwight" excluded.

love it when so call fans got no faith in their own team lol...

Please, LakerLuver, tell me what you call Laker fans who actually question the franchise?  A Warrior fan?  Smart? Blind faith is the sign of a sheep.

kobe aint never suck

Correct!  He has rarely sucked....unless he's playing Hero Ball at the end of the game while triple teamed.  In every other game situation he is awesome and I hate that he is so awesome for fans like LakerLuverz.

ESPN has ALWAYS been east coast bias we don't listen anyway.

Seriously. I almost  commented on every LakerLuver comment in this article.  They aren't all like this, I know. But they do roam in packs to websites and just can't bite their tongues.  LakerDouche, you obviously listen to ESPN and it's "biased" you idiot.  OK, got that one off my chest.

Until the next Laker Blog post, kobe ain't never suck

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