Friday, January 13, 2012

Mark Jackson -- Biggest Coaching Flop So Far?

Bionic Blue Arms cannot help Dwight from the stripe....but that's OK
The Warriors played pretty well last night.  They jumped out to an early lead, inevitably lost it, and even came back to tie the score with under 1:30 left (if my memory serves me correct).  But Coach Mark Jackson may have made the biggest mistake in his short coaching tenure last night when he implemented "hack-a-How" in the 2nd quarter and then again deep into the 2nd half allowing Superman to attempt 39 free throws, an Association record surpassing the 34 Wilt Chamberlain attempted 67 years ago (or something pretty close to that).

Dwight was shooting about 45% from the line this year.  He's a 59.5% career shooter and you have to assume that when someone shoots 39 times from the line in one game he's going to revert more towards his career average than his season average (unless your name is Andris Biedrins).

As John Hollinger analyzes in today's PER Diem, 59.5% from the line leads to 1.19 points per possession.  If you are intentionally OK with this, then you are intentionally OK with the greatest offense of all time.  And this doesn't even account for the times where Dwight misses the back end of a 2 shot foul and his teammates secure the rebound for another valuable possession.

Bottom line, Hack-a-brick doesn't work on Dwight and Mark Jackson most likely just coached himself to a loss in a game that his team could have won outright.

And if you hate numbers, just know that the crowd's enthusiasm was completely sucked out of the rOracle last night.  I remember announcer Steve Kerrrrr mentioning this.

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