Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/11/12: Warriors Beat Heat

It started off as gumbyorpokey. Last year it was the infamous orangino.  I thought all hope was lost for this season as the NBA web sweepers took off these prior YouTube accounts which put together great highlight packages of every Warrior game.  They wouldn't just play a few Warrior made shots and call it a clip show. They'd let the announcers talk, they'd show the flow of the game which included Warrior turnovers, missed shots, as well as great plays by the other team.  They'd of course show Warrior Owner Joe Lacob going apeshit (8:18 mark of video below).

Now they are back! As gumbyandpokey, a hidden youtube account, and access that I won't share unless you IM me on AOL, I can hopefully post the storytime clips for all Warriors games this shortened season.  Enjoy Tuesday's comeback victory over the Heatles.  Gumby/Pokey/Orangino is back serving us all.  Amen, brother:

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