Thursday, January 5, 2012

High School Hardass

Some Dad/fan of the team in the visiting maroon jerseys decided to compile these crazy fouls from the fat kid on the white team. These refs are actually better than what I'm used to.  Foul #5 would have been called a jump ball in the Novato Park & Rec Sunday League.

I would have thought the maroon flag waiving parents would have been a bit more pissed in real time about this. Especially after that kid got laid out. I know they were in enemy territory and all but aren't there a few dads or chippy moms out there would would have at least yelled at the ref? Way to protect your kids, parents.

It's worth it to read the commentary HERE. Also, find your way to the youtube comments to see how crazy people are.

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Unknown said...

How does a high school kid already have a beer belly?