Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carmelo's Crunchtime Offense

Melo went to the Kobe School of Krunchtime Offense this offseason
 Melo has been shooting terribly this year at just over 40%..  The Knicks are losing to everyone.  Amare can't get enough shots up because Melo hogs the ball and slows down the pace.  D'Antoni is going to get fired because he's not able to win with Ammelo.  NY is relying on a terribly out of shape Baron Davis to give them a spark after he comes back from an injury that caused Cleveland to amnesty his ass and has kept him out all season.  The Knicks only bright spot is recalling Jeremy Lin from their D-League Erie team who played one game, messed around, and got a triple double.  But as Warriors  fans we know what putting hope in Jeremy Lin eventually leads to.

Here to save you
Thanks to Posting and Toasting for much of this information....or at least links to information I eventually found elsewhere on the internets.


Jeffrey Thompson said...


I say why not give Lin a shot. The Knicks have nothing else to lose, right? I saw put Lin at the point, Shumpert at the 2, Melo at the three, Amare at the four, Tyson @ the five. And oh yeah, FIRE DANTONI

Jeffrey Thompson said...

Add the fact that New York has one of the largest Chinese communities in the world only adds to the positivity that Lin will bring.