Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why The Bulls Won't Win

Playing your Karma Kards right is important to winning.  Former Warrior Owner Chris Cohan constantly messed with the Karma of the franchise and look at the hole the new ownership has got to climb their selves out of.

The basketball Karma gods tend to focus on the small things.  Russell Westbrook's constant scowl and frazzled attitude will most likely dismantle the Thunder's hopes to beat the Mavericks in the WCF, for example.

The Karma gods haven't struck down the Heat and probably won't.  They most likely understand why LBJ left Cleveland and appreciate the effort him and his Heat teammates are giving in the ECF.

So this song with Twista by Carlos Boozer is frightening.  First of all, he calls it the Bulls "Anthem". I wonder how Jerry Krause feels about that?  Boozer also secured the services of a PA announcer introducing which dude is singing. Wow.  CHECK IT OUT

Something tells me that the Karma gods won't take this over confident pile of garbage lightly.  Especially since Boozer is so bad at rapping/hip hopping.  I wish this wasn't the case, but I'm pretty sure the Heat will take out the Bulls in the ECF.  And that is painful to say.


JT said...

The series is not over yet. If I rember,m it is a 7 game series and the Heat are up just one game.

The Nextian said...

Just predicting what's NEXT...

Heat/Mavs in the Finals!