Friday, May 20, 2011

Russell Westbrook is Mad, Sad, then Happy

Guys with large egos make these types of poses

I won't do the normal blogger thing and call him the "C" word rhyming with "lazy" but Westbrook appears to be a little, how do you say, immature?  Up and down emotionally?  Not really one of the leaders of his team even though he's it's All Star Point Guard?  It seems to me that you really shouldn't be getting pissed about being taken out of a game with a few seconds left in the third quarter and then having people calm you down for the next half hour.

From The Oklahoman:
"Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook had an animated reaction when pulled from Game 2 with :28 remaining in the third quarter against the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night. Westbrook did not play again and the reserve Eric Maynor finished out the Thunder's 106-100 victory inside American Airlines Center. Westbrook initially had an exchange with assistant coach Mark Bryant and fellow assistant Maurice Cheeks came over and had a heart-to-heart with the All-Star reserve. Thunder center Kendrick Perkins also took the 22-year-old Westbrook aside during the game and shared some encouragement. 'I had to let him know we're winning, everything's going good,' Perkins said. 'I think he's fine. I told him, 'Different guys will help at different times.' ' After the game ended, Westbrook was spotted dancing down the tunnel on the way back to the locker room."

This kid has come a long way from being a no-minute-getter as a UCLA Freshman, to being a lottery pick after his Sophomore year, to being an All-Star point guard in his third year in the Association. He has amazing gifts. But the Thunder will never reach their full potential without this guy eventually "getting it".  Benching him for the entire 4th Quarter was indeed a bold move by Thunder Coach Scotty Brooks, but it was the right one considering the way he was acting.

Hey, look at that!  A Thunder post without mentioning Kevin Durant!

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