Saturday, May 7, 2011

Down 0-2, Make It Interesting

The Good Ole' Days
 As of this moment in time, both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are down 0-2 in their respective series.  Both teams are up there in age (except for Bynum and Rondo), are not playing well, and we may be witnessing an official changing of the guard in The Association.  I decided to pose a question to my fellow Nextians:

Who has a better chance to make their series interesting?  The Celtics or the Lakers?  Here is what these genius' said.

Of course, the trusty Bilbo "Burglar" Baggins chimed in first:
I hate betting against The Lakers, but I think they will drop Game 3 w/o Ron Ron. Unless Gasol and Odom have epic games, I find it hard to believe they will win in Dallas. Boston has a much better chance of winning at home, despite looking like they just woke up from a nap. Rondo needs to take advantage of the fact that Bibby is guarding him and
I could see LeBron settling for jumpers with Shaq filling the paint. He isn't the defensive stopper he once was, but he can still take up space and deliver hard fouls.

Overall I don't like either team's chances, but if the question is which team will make the series more interesting (not a sweep) than I'll go with Boston.

Bilbo Baggins
2x YeeBA Champion

Timmay (Czar of the MVM) decided to respond:
Bilbo...your signature is weak.  The Lakers are the champs until proven otherwise.  The Mavs, well...they are the Mavs and were the last team to take the first 2 on the road in a best of 7 and lose the series.  Go game 3!

BK kept it short and sweet, trying to wrap up his week at work:

Lakers. I think the heat are a better team than the mavs

Toomie (MVM) kept it even shorter as he had a tee time after work:

Timmay (MVM Czar) then made it all about betting:
I would love to say the Celtics because I put $100 on them to win the series, but I think age is catching up to them.  Their entire team is injured.  I hate the Lakers, but if they win Game 3, they are right back in it.

BK then responded a day later:
Can I take back my answer about the Lakers? I haven't watch Boston play too much this year but I get the sense they are old and the Heat are just hungrier. Its all about the matchups, I think everything is setting up to be the Heat's year and LeBron isn't going to back down.

Well, it seems to me as if "getting old" is a pervasive theme amongst THE Nextians who had time to respond on a Friday afternoon.  Although I do not agree and wonder if these guys actually watch the games, we all agree that this is the end of an era.

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