Monday, May 2, 2011

Paul Pierce Gets Tossed

PP was just plain mad. His Celtics didn't come out to play the Heatles in Game 1 and frustration does eventually boil over to where you lean extra hard into a screen on Dwyane Wade. Going 6-14 from the field for 19 points and 4 turnovers won't get the job done either. After Pierce took off he avoided speaking to the press (doesn't he get fined for that?) and Boston Globe writer Dan Shaughnessy calls him out:

"We thought we were over this stuff with Pierce. He is 33 years old. He’s been in the NBA since 1998. He was MVP of the Finals in 2008, for gosh sakes. What’s the excuse for losing his cool twice in the fourth quarter of a game against a team that’s always waiting to choke if you can keep things close?"

Get in your wheelchair to regain your powers and see you in Game 2, Truth.

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