Thursday, February 17, 2011

Slam Dunk Contest

With the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest looming, I have a feeling the young Blake Griffin will provide some much needed awesomeness that's been lacking in this event for many moons. Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson have been pretty good, but not great like the old days. Give us something we like that brings us back Blakey, you Mulatto son-of-gun!

Like in 1988, when the best basketball players in the NBA would join the contest. Friggin' glory days I tell ya....why aren't D-Wade, LBJ, Josh Smiff, etc. doing this shit again? Lazy dicks! I still don't think Jordan should have received a 50 for a repeat dunk at the end, but who cares. This is the best dunk contest in history with legends throwing down dunks that had never been seen:

The 1988 contest was never close to being matched until the year 2000, in my opinion. Vince Carter brought the house down dunk after dunk, and I remember dancing around my living room in disbelief ala Shaq and Kevin Garnett:

Vince has my vote for the best "dunks" ever in the contest, but you can't deny that rawness of the '88 contest when throwing it god damn down was in its infancy, making it the best "contest" ever. Blake, can you add another epic moment to this list. Make Bilbo dance around in his living room this weekend!


The Nextian said...

When speaking about the Dunk Contest this is probably the coolest tool I have ever seen in my entire life:

The Nextian said...

Hyland needs to buy this t-shirt with all the Blake Griffin love:

Hyland said...

Cam, you'e the coolest tool i've ever seen in my life :)