Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warriors Talking Points; 1/3/11 Warriors @ Magic

1/3/11 Warriors (13-21) @ Magic: where 2nd Half Collapse Happens (again)

It looks like gumbyorpokey isn't doing awesome video recaps anymore so we are left with the Comcast Sports Network junk where they talk over everything:

Talking Points (so you don't have to get home early from work to watch this game):
  • The Warriors were up 53-44 at halftime.
  • The Warriors lost 18 to 35 in the 3rd Quarter and lost 19 to 31 in the 4th.
  • Hubie Brown always says that good teams win the 3rd Quarter.
  • This is the second game in a row that the Warriors rapidly gave away a halftime lead.
  • David Lee DNP because of a bruised tailbone.
  • Lin is back from the D-League.  Lin and Law will get guaranteed contracts for this season but Carney will not.  Carney is rumored to be cut soon.
  • Ellis was -24 this game in 38.8 minutes.  Radmanovic was best on the team at -1 in 23 minutes.
  • Some have said that the Warriors need to scrimmage at halftime so that they don't have a chance to rest.
  • Next game:  1/5/11 at 5:00 PT @ Hornets.  There's a rumor that Larry Ellison is going to buy the Hornets and move them to San Jose.  That would be awesome.

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