Monday, January 17, 2011

Blake Griffin Lamar Odom Fight

Blake Griffin and his Clippers have been on quite a tear recently. The Clippers have won 5 of 6 including victories over the Nuggets, the mighty Heat (who were LeBron-less), and the Lakers.  They only struggled with the amazing Warriors on Friday 1/14 because the Warriors are just that damn good (winning 8 of the last 13, y'all).

Because Blake Griffin dunks with so much FANtastic Amazing Great Time Out-ness, teams apparently have started to try and get in the Rookie's head. Here's Lamar ODumb getting angry that Blake was playing too hard:

Was the 99 to 92 Clipper victory over the Lakers yesterday (1/16) a Los Angelian changing of the guard?  Is this a microcosim of the eventual Laker Dynasty downfall and the rising of a new powerhouse (in spite of Coach VDN and Owner Sterling) known as The Blake Griffins featuring Eric Gordon?  At least Baron Davis has pledged to protect Blake's back as evident in this story.

Blake went out today (1/17) and dropped 47 points with 14 boards on the Pacers for a 7 point victory.  It looks like Superhero Blake wasn't at all scared by the Laker bullcrap from the night before and actually used it as fuel for continued domination.

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