Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LeBron Threw Game 5 b/c The Freemasons Told Him To

"I spoil a lot of people with my play. When you have a bad game here or there, you've had three bad games in a seven-year career, then it's easy to point that out." -LeBron James 5/11/10

For the conspiracy theorists out there, LeBron's Game 5 puke-fest does maybe-kinda point to him being told to tank the game by The Bilderbergs or Jay-Z and The Freemasons or whatever (Peep some prior "LeBron is a Freemason" evidence HERE ....directly from this blog!....via FreeDarko).

Just kidding, back to reality folks. First of all, Chuck Barkley thinks you royally choked:

Ouch! Now, for some day-after reaction articles matriculating from the NBA universe:
Wojo thinks that LeBron is just doesn't have the winners drive to do whatever it takes. After one of the worst loses by a Championship Contender in league history (a 32 point home court smackdown) he blames LeBron's other areas of focus and the Cleveland organization for being so permissive of LeBron over the years. Sounds like Wojo has been waiting to throw out this information for a while now.

Russillo (it's a podcast, folks) says that the game was one of the most shocking he's ever seen. He then puts the loss on everyone with the Cavs.
Hollinger (you have to be an INsider to see this article) takes a more logical stance, as always, and says that James' elbow caused him to go 1/11 on his jumpers. This elbow also caused him to pass up other open jumps he had throughout the game because he wasn't feeling confident in them. He also analyzes that James' good games this series have come after he's had extra rest. The one day rest games have caused the LeBron stinkbombs as he hasn't had enough time for his elbow to heal. What's concerning here is that Game 6 is Thursday after just one day rest. What Hollinger can't explain is why James differed on so many pick and roles counting a total of 13 times when he just passed the ball to a teammate not creating an advantage on the play.

Mr. True Hoop Henry Abbott points out what's wrong with Cleveland fans with an interesting take. With fans booing on their way out of the exits and the Cavs owner distancing himself from the team in recent comments, things do seem a bit doomed for Cleveland in this series and in LeBronamania this summer.
And, of course, Bill Sportsguy Simmons comes with a Retro Diary.

It was necessary to capture this moment in time before game 6 when LeBron either tarnishes his early legacy or steps up with a win for the ages in the Celtic's TD Waterhouse Ameritrade Garden. One thing's for certain: I can't wait to see what comes NEXT on Thursday at 5:00pm Pacific!

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Kyle Mountain said...

You shut Lebron down, you shut the Cavs down, that simple. Easier said than done of course but they're just too one-dimensional. I still think they can win the series but I don't see them gettin past Orlando