Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inside Yahoo! Sports

The Tuesday May 18th, 2010 morning creative meeting at Yahoo! Sports

Jerry (the boss):

"Steve, get in my office immediately"

Steve: (works under Jerry the boss):

"Yeah Jerry"


"The NBA draft is later today and I need you to create a picture for the home page. STAT, if you can do it. We want to run it with Trey Kirby from BDL's piece."


"Wait, Trey Kirby is getting a homepage listing? Anyway, you got it boss. What meme were you looking for?"


"Let's do a side by side of the projected top 3 picks with some caption along the lines of 'Luck of the Draw'. Yeah, 'Luck of the Draw' sounds nice."


"Wow, Jer, you pretty much wrote this one for me. I'm thinking of getting Derrick Favors, John Wall and Evan Turner close up face shots. In 6 weeks America is going to see these future stars in amazing suits crying with their families. The lottery and draft are more humanistic than they are athletic. The time for pictures and video of these guys shooting or dunking is not now."

Steve fools around in photoshop for eleven minutes before bringing in his proof to Jer.........


"Holy Shit, Steve. Side-by-side face shots of Favors, Wall and Turner? Mouth's agape? I fucking love it. You are a goddamn artist, my man. You truly know how to pull at the heart strings of America. "


"Thanks Boss!"

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