Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recruiting Carlos Boozer

The Chicago Bulls went all high-tech on Boozer when recruting him last summer.  Right before a meeting with the Heat, Chicago sent over a personalized i-pad straight to the Boozehound who was chillaxing in his hotel room.

PEEP THE ARTICLE and enjoy a few quotes from Carlos about the i-pad experience:

"I was going to have dinner with [the Heat], and right at 9 o'clock at night, a dude knocks on my door and I'm like, 'What's poppin'?'"

"It was the kickoff to free agency, so it was pretty dope"
"I still have it," Boozer said of the specialized Bulls iPad. "I have it at my crib here in Chicago. I still have the briefcase and everything."
Word Carlos. Word.

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JT said...

They would not have had to give me an I Pad. the 10$ million per year would have been good enough :3