Friday, April 15, 2011

THE Nextians Fantasy League Champion '10/'11 Season

Defending Nextians Champ gladly hands Electric Guitar Trophy to THE Curry Turkey
Cam: Scotty Effing Toomasson! Congrats on winning the ‘10/’11 We Got Next Fantasy Basketball 12 Manager Annual Rotisserie League of Awesomeness. I know that the Fantasy NBA League you Commission is a Head To Head League where you finished the regular season with the best record but ended up beating your's truly for 3rd place. This has caused Timmay to vote you the Most Valuable Manager this year. And since Timmay is the Czar of the MVM vote, congrats on that as well.

MVM Czar anoints his '10/'11 Award Winner
 Toomie: Thanks, brutha! I really enjoyed the Nextians season -- true rotisserie is still the best format, IMO... Timmay made we sweat things out a little at the end there (four-way tie for FG% going into the final day?!) , but all in all I think I had a pretty dominant run.

Cam: What would you say was your key to the ‘ship? You drafted really well.

Toomie: It never hurts to have the #1 pick. Unless it's football. The Durantula lived up to his billing as the #1 ranked player finishing #2 overall (I think?). He was HUGE in the PTs and FT% categories.

Drafting Kevin Love in the 4th round (#48) overall was fu*king steal. He singlehandedly won me the REBs title.

Serge Ibaka-Nacka in the 10th round? Solid...

THE Curry Turkey shoves it in the face of THE Pippen Ain't EZ (3rd Place)
 Cam: Solid indeed!  Now tell me about your trades. You were definitely wheeling and dealing this season making more trades than anyone else in The Nextians league. Usually that title goes to someone near the bottom just doing anything they can to move out of the doldrums. But your trades won you all the damn money.  So much damn money!

Toomie: My keys to victory were BOTH a solid draft and a couple key trades:

Trading Al-Jeff for Monta was awesome -- a true need-for-need deal that worked out both me and the Cammish. Who knew they'd both end up top 10 players, but damn, Monta really matured this year -- in fantasy and reality.

I'd have to say the key deal -- and props to the Nextian Summit for providing the fertile trade grounds -- was my Tyreke/Hibbert for Manu Manu Manu. (I could do no wrong after the best T-Shirt (Rambis) fell to me in the draft at #2)

I dealt Hibbert and Evans at their peak, though Ginobili went downhill just a tad as well after the trade... Both he and Monta were awesome in the 3's, STLs, and FT% categories mid-season and down the stretch.

And once I moved Love for PTs and ASTs, (Iguodala and Andre Miller), it was all over. I had enough in the other categories locked up so moving Love was no problem.

Off the record: I don't know why anyone in the league trades with me! I ALWAYS get the better of the deal (sarcasm).

Cam: Your winnings will be coming to you shortly. Make sure not to blow it all at the track and maybe take that little lady of yours out to some fine dining!

Toomie: Seriously, great season everyone! I’m looking forward to defending my title next year.

--THE Curry Turkey
‘10/’11 Most Valuable Manager (MVM) of Nextians/YeeBA Seasons, World Muthafkin’ Champ of The Nextians


Scott said...

Haha, nice job Cammish, as always...

The Nextian said...

Thanks my man. Congrats on your Most Valuable Manager title. You were genius indeed in THE Nextians Fantasy League.