Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charlie Villanueva Goes Nuts

Charlie Villanueva (6th man on the Detroit Pistons, Haitian who loves his homeland, benefactor of Joe Dumars handing out money-fest 2009, Kevin Garnett punching bag) is fed up.  The Pistons have had a tough go of it this year and this fight is definitely seen as a venting of all that went wrong.  Charlie took out his frustrations on Ryan Hollins of The Cavs last night and only Rodney Stuckey (Point Guard!! Does this explain Villa-nu-nu's weakness on the boards?) could hold him back.  Thankfully, someone put the video to a sweet soundtrack that will keep you fist pumping for minutes:

But then things got even crazier in the bowels of The Palace of Auburn Hills:

Villanueva stormed onto the court and toward the Cleveland bench before he was restrained by several members of the Pistons staff. As he was being escorted and practically dragged to the back, Villanueva motioned for Hollins to meet him in the back as he was escorted into the Cavaliers' tunnel.

Hollins remained near the Cavaliers bench and was later escorted to the back.
In the back of the arena, Villanueva was seen running toward the Cavaliers' locker room before being stopped by police on the loading dock. The police used a giant mat to stop the sprinting Villanueva.

Two other police officers dragged Villanueva back to the Pistons' locker room as Villanueva was heard shouting, "I'm going to kill that dude."

Thanks to BDL for all information regarding this story.  I'm just a lowly messenger of things that I find interesting.

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