Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NBA Unscripted -- Golden State Warriors

The upcoming NBA Unscripted episode on the Warriors is obviously a must watch for Dubs fans (Thursday, March 31st, 7:00pm on NBA TV).  But in looking at the trailer, this seems more like a "buy season tickets" video than something that is in anyway real.  The owners and players are WAY too upbeat about putting up banners and being a good team.  If it was more focused on the reality of their situation (coming back from 6 points down in 12 seconds last night 3/29/11 vs. The Thunder and then stinking in OT to lose) then it would be much more interesting.  Talk about the flaws of the team and how it hurts.  Explain that you have many good pieces and just need one more to be a consistent playoff team.  Contemplate on how games got away in a league where you can't let many games get away and expect to be successful.

Although this Unscripted episode may be about something different than this trailer hints at, I'm sure it's all just fluff. Peep it:

So my conclusion is one of two things.  This episode was shot at the beginning of the season on Lacob and Gruber's tour of the media when they were really excited about being owners were claiming big things to everyone.  Or these guys are just Hollywood hype artists doing what it takes to keep our routinely gullible fan based pumped about mediocrity.  Either way, it is not a good sign.  Better than the Cohan regime, but not a good sign.

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