Monday, March 7, 2011

The Heat Are Sucking

Wade's all like "WTF?" and "Shut up, LeBron".
Everyone who enjoys The Association is noticing the problems the Heat are having.  They had a 24 point lead over the Magic last week and lost.  They had a decent 6 to 8 point lead against the Bulls yesterday and ended up failing in that one as well after both James and Wade missed shots on the last possession.

Word on the street is that Wade is becoming disenchanted with LeBron.  LeBron takes the last shots, LeBron puts the team on his shoulders, LeBron knows that he is better than Wade.

Here are some sweet articles about the current state:
Wojo on THE Situation
BDL's Dwyer on Heat Players Crying

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Hyland said...

It's great how these idjits just expected to dominate because they were both very good at basketball. They didn't delve into the specifics of how to be great as a team, they just went for it. And it's fun to see them crying over it not working out. Wade should have known what he was getting himself in to. But he couldn't see past dreams of spoils, and now what errybody was talking about is his reality. This team could be great though, if not this season, maybe next. But it's gonna take one ball-handling superstar to take the backseat. And we all know Laybrons ego won't let that be him. Have fun Dwyane! Hopefully you can accept your new role for the betterment of the team! Idjits.