Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Warriors Ticket Promotion; Free Turkey

New Golden State Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Gruber have been making the rounds lately after the sale of the franchise was approved last Friday.  Monday's game had a "50% off everything" promotion (which was awesome b/c it included beer) and now new management has an even better ticket-selling idea:  go to the Nuggets at Warriors game next Monday 11/22, purchase 4 tickets, and get a FREE Turkey.

I'm really confused.  These guys sound good in the media but the email promotions coming from the organization they now officially own are really wacked out.  What type of NBA fan gets excited about a free turkey?  My mom sure as heck isn't going to the Warriors game for a free turkey.  I would know what to do with a "Free Turkey" voucher from Lucky other than try and donate it to one of the guys on the walkway between the Oracle and BART.  More to come on promo-gate as the emails keep pouring into my inbox.

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